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Welcome to The Port Drive-In!
Home Brewed Root Beer! Since 1953, The Port Drive-In Family Restaurant at 419 N. Calumet in Chesterton, IN has been serving hot dogs and frosty mugs of creamy, old-fashioned root beer. Originally called Studman's, it was purchased in 1957 by Elsie & Virgil Gassoway, renamed the Snack Shack, and then renamed to its current name, The Port. In 1978, the current owners, Terry & Beth Gassoway, purchased the business from Terry's parents after managing it for them for several years.

Although the menu has evolved over the years to include over 100 items today, the root beer (which is still made on the premises) and the chili dogs (which are still made using Elsie's original recipe) are still the signature items. Other specialties include giant, half-pound burgers and tenderloins, "mouse ears", great shakes, root beer floats, and Green River--a 50's favorites. The menu also includes a lean roast beef sandwich, a grilled chicken sandwich or wrap, and two different vegetarian "burgers"!

The air-conditioned dining room appeals to some, but most still prefer the uniquely American experience of dining in their car! To experience a bit of Chesterton's past, visit its very own living history museum--The Port Drive-In. The way it was, and still is.

The Port is on the Air!
Listen to the Port Drive-In on the NPR.

Burma Shave with the Statler Brothers
Signs of the times. Do you remember these...? Our generation will remember most of them.

Attention Car Clubs!
The Port Drive-In Family Restaurant is the perfect destination for your next "cruise night". Serving everything from chili dogs to chicken dinners, frosty mugs of our homemade root beer, floats, 50 flavors of shakes and malts, and several vegetarian items, we can satisfy every taste bud! When you come as a group, each driver will receive a free root beer in a frosty mug with his/her order! Wednesday night, Sunday night, any night--cruise into Porter County's only drive-in. Be there, or be square.

Attention Port Alumni!
Post your alumni bio now! If you worked at the Port in the past and are interested in keeping in touch with your past co-workes, visit the alumni page and answer a few questions to set up your own Port mini-biography. Otherwise, just check out the alumni page for kicks.
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